The Livingstone Volunteers Scheme


About the Scheme

The McConnell International Foundation believes that volunteering in a developing country helps Scottish youngsters widen their horizons, grow in confidence and understand the world a bit better. But not all young people have the opportunity to reap the benefits of volunteering abroad.

The Foundation has established the Livingstone Volunteers scheme to help support the fundraising efforts of those young Scots who have the chance to volunteer in Africa, but are struggling to meet the costs.

Livingstone Volunteers 2017

The McConnell International Foundation is pleased to announce the return of the Livingstone Volunteers for 2017. The application form and guidelines can be found here. Deadline for applications is Friday 23 December.


Livingstone Volunteers 2016

The 2016 Livingstone Volunteers scheme was launched in October 2015. The 2016 scheme saw the highest number of full £500 grants being awarded in Livingstone Volunteers’ history and awarded these grants to young persons across Scotland, from Glasgow to Stirling to Fife to Aberdeen.

The summary report on the Livingstone Volunteers 2016 is now able to view. 


Livingstone Volunteers 2015

The 2015 scheme focused on young people aged from 15 to 19 years who secured a volunteer placement on their school’s 2015 trip to sub-Saharan Eastern Africa, or with a similar organised group.

Livingstone Volunteers 2015 saw a total of 20 applications, with 18 grants being awarded. An event was held in April 2015 to present each of the successful applicants with their grant.

To read all about how are volunteers got on, visit the full report of the 2015 Scheme.


Livingstone Volunteers 2014

Forty young Scots took part in the inaugural year of the Livingstone Volunteers scheme, four times the original number intended. Twelve people received the full grant of £500 with the remainder receiving grants of £300 or £100 each thanks to the generosity of a range of individuals and organisations.

Read more from our volunteers in the full report of the 2014 scheme.