Programmes & Partnerships

Our three core programmes focus on Education & Skillsbuilding, Peace-building in Conflict Affected States, and Good Governance in the developing world.  At the heart of all our programmes is engaging young people and empowering future generations of our world.



MIF Education Programme

Equal access to quality education is paramount to fighting extreme global poverty and promoting peace.  Learn more about what we are doing to promote the education and skills-building of young people both in the UK and in Africa.




MIF Peace-building Programme

People living in conflict-affected states are among the most impoverished in the world.   Learn more about what we are doing to tackle the multi-dimensional nature of conflict at all levels, particularly on the engagement of young people in conflict affected states.





MIF Good Governance Programme

Good governance is not only an integral component in conflict and poverty alleviation in the developing world, it is the foundation which makes the progress of international development possible.  Learn more about what we are doing to promote good governance in the developing world.