Our Partners

We believe that collaboration with businesses, governments, charities and individuals is the best way to build capacity and leverage resources for sustainable global change.

Here are a few of our partners who are helping us realise our goal of fighting poverty and conflict around the globe:



Positive Women is a charity set up to empower women and children in Africa, starting with Swaziland. The charity focuses on supporting local groups and communities to change their own lives and circumstances, to alleviate poverty and make significant social change. To achieve this, people must have their basic needs met, choices in their lives and an understanding of their rights. Positive Women help make this happen.





Peace Direct operates in the world’s most fragile countries, seeking out dynamic individuals and organisations who are making a real difference, building peace from the grassroots up: people who are preventing conflict in the places where it starts – locally. These people work at great personal risk to prevent, resolve and heal conflicts, and break the cycles of violence. Peace Direct finds them, fund their programmes, and promote their work to those in the wider world who can help with finance and influence.







David Livingstone 200 is a partnership between numerous public, voluntary and academic bodies and individuals to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Dr David Livingstone. It is supported by funding from the National Trust for Scotland, Scottish Government and Scotland Malawi Partnership.